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Sports Beads are 100% Handcrafted Ceramic

 Two Sizes: Standard (10mm)—For use with Medium (9mm)  &  Large (13mm) Letter beads
 Mini (7mm)—For use with Mini (6mm) Letter beads
 Price for Standard Sports Beads:  50¢ ea (Bag of 20) = $10.00
 Price for Mini Sports Beads:  45¢ ea (Bag of 20) = $9.00
 Minimum Order: $45 (any comination of items)

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sports beads 100% ceramic beads

Standard Sports Beads (10mm)

(for use with Medium Alphabet Letter Beads or Large Alphabet Letter Beads

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 Price for Standard:  50¢ ea (Bag of 20) = $10.00



Mini Sports Beads (7mm)

(for use with Mini Alphabet Letter Beads)

Sports beads, Sports Bead, Sport Beads

Price for Mini:  45¢ ea (Bag of 20) = $9.00



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